Solving pollution with a closed cycle biodiversity system, recycling and reusing wastes instantly.



Environmental science and technology solutions for urban engineering systems, residential areas and industrial activities are becoming more urgent than ever. 

The industrial era has created serious environmental pollution. Urban areas have separated people from nature, and industrial zones have turned into an environmental disaster.

It's time for people to realize the anger of mother nature through natural events such as floods, climate change, environmental pollution that are man-made.


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  •      NEWS      Continue to implement phase 2 of project Supply and installation of on-site wastewater treatment equipment for Green Villas project (Tien Xuan Ward, Thach That District, Hanoi)
  •      NEWS     Japan granted the patent No. 6775850, title: “Apparatus for Treating Wastewater and a System for Collecting and Treating Wastewater combining Rainwater Drainage”
  •      NEWS      Australia granted the patent No. 2016407538B2, title: “Apparatus for Treating Wastewater and a System for Collecting and Treating Wastewater combining Rainwater Drainage”
  •      NEWS     Announcement of our promotional video on The Comprehensive Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Urban and Residential Areas
  •      NEWS     Exportation of the second batch of On-site wastewater treatment equipment Vdan.Jokaso to Oman, Middle East
  •     NEWS      Established VDAN - Saigon Co., Ltd. Head office at: No. 68 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (currently as Son Ha Xanh Environmental Science and Technology Joint Stock Company)
    Established Vdan Breeding Wastewater Treatment Co.,Ltd. Head office in Dong Nai Province   
  •      NEWS    Exportation of the first batch of On-site wastewater treatment equipment MGB.Jokaso to Oman, Middle East
  •     EVENT    

    Accompanied President Tran Dai Quang and his wife to India and Bangladesh to introduce Wastewater treatment technology to other countries

  •      NEWS     Apparatus for Treating Wastewater and a System for Collecting and Treating Wastewater combining Rainwater Drainage” – Patent granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on November 23rd, 2017.
  •     EVENT     

    Participated in Vietnam's honorary exhibition booth at the the 27th International Exhibition of Environmental Equipment Technologies and Services (Pollutec) in Lyon, France 

  •    NEWS       Established Vandan Group Co., Ltd. Head office in Hanoi

  •      EVENT   

    Selected and 100% funded by United Nations Development Program UNDP to participate in the "Assessment Mision and Inceasing Capacity and Pace for Technology Absorption, Adaption through a Hub-and-Spoke Structure" and "National Workshop on IP Management" at MANILA, THE PHILIPINES to receive training on technology transfer methods.

  •     EVENT     With NATEC and Deputy Minister Tran van Tung, participated in the Nagano Suwa Area Industrial Messe 2015 in Japan
  •     EVENT     Participated in water and environmental shows at Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference 2015, Chicago, Illninois, USA.
  •      NEWS     Selected by WIPO to be one of 65 best products in the world and 100% funded to participate in the WIPO Green program at the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change COP21/ PARIS 2015
  •      NEWS    

    The solution "Equipment for Wastewater Treatment" of Blue and Green Environment Joint Stock Company won the second prize in the Innovative Solution for Everyday Life Competition 2014 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (co-organized with WIPO, KIPO, NOIP).

  •     NEWS      Article: "Mr. Truong Van Dan: The Vietnamese man brings inventions to Japan" published by VCCI
  •     EVENT    

    Collaborated with NATEC to participate in Nagano Suwa Area Industrial Messe 2013 to introduce scientific and technological products in Japan

  •     EVENT     Participated in exhibition to introduce scientific and technological products in water and environmental field at DENVER, COLORADO, USA
  •     EVENT     Participated in “Vietnamese Innovation" Program and other programs on science and technology on VTV3 and VTV2 
  •     NEWS      Received the first patent, No. 10272, title: “Equipment for Wastewater treatment”
  •     NEWS      Completed application forms for a patent in the field of drainage and wastewater treatment
  •     EVENT     Participated in the 3rd National Environment Film Festival. The film won the third prize for directing.
  •     NEWS    

    Installation of FujiClean Jokaso Wastewater Treatment Equipment for the project: Lideco Urban Area - North of Highway 32, Tram Troi Ward, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi 

  •     NEWS     Supply and installation of Jokaso products which were improved and manufactured in Vietnam for projects of Japanese enterprises and Vietnamese enterprises in Vietnam
  •     EVENT    Participated in International Exhibitions and Fairs (ASEAN) in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  •     EVENT    Participated in the exhibition for scientific and technological achievements in Singapore
  •     NEWS    

    Installation of on-site wastewater treatment equipment Jokaso produced by Kubota, for the North Highway 32 project,. Sold the first Jokaso product which was manufactured in Vietnam to Toyo Ink Compounds Co., Ltd. 

  •     EVENT    Participated in the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements in Nuremberg - Germany  
  •     EVENT    Participated in environmental fairs and exhibitions in California USA 
  •     NEWS     Participated in Jokaso survey in Japan and installed the first Jokaso equipment in Vietnam
  •     NEWS     Establishment of Blue and Green Environment Joint Stock Company
  •      NEWS    Establishment of Bac Viet Technology Development Investment Co., Ltd.


The old technology is the decomposition technology: according to calculations, the time to store the wastewater in the decomposition tank (or septic tank) is from 48 to 72 hours. This technology does not use microorganism carriers. Our technology (under patent no. 19328) uses biodegradation process, thus: + Waste needs to go directly into the wastewater treatment tank without using a septic tank. Microorganisms grow very strongly and evenly in the water thanks to the microorganism carriers. + Biodegradation technology does not need to separate grease, but treats grease like other ordinary household waste.
The process of organic sludge formation will create turbidity. Here, Vandan Group's technology does not use settlement phase, but uses natural microorganisms to biodegrade sludge. Therefore, the produced water does not contain organic sludge. Setting up a compartment increases the tank capacity, unless the investor wants to reuse treated wastewater .
Odours are caused by organic acids and some carbon hydrogen during decomposition. Since we do not let wastewater to decompose, there is no need for a regular odour treatment system. In the event of an incident, the treatment system will become a regular septic tank, which will produce odours. We have added a deodorizing system in case of an incident.
Our technology does not use a conditioning tank because there is a need for high-load and low-load stages so that microorganisms lack "food" and destroy each other to eliminate biological sludge.
In our technological solution, the wastewater treatment system does not use a conditioning tank and the inspected part that has a lot of scum, garbage, and fecal sludge is the waste collection and separation compartment of the wastewater treatment tank. At the time of inspection, there was a lot of scum, sludge, and feces due to the biological activation stage. Scum and sludge will be dissolved in the next operation process. Specifically: + The scum on the surface is the surface-active microorganisms and contains fresh faeces. This will be destroyed by microorganisms in the microorganism beds. Initially, the amount of microorganisms in the microorganism beds was not large enough, so scum still exists. After the amount of microorganisms is large enough, this floating scum will be destroyed and a stable certain amount of residue always exists. + Garbage that exists when checked is due to the residue from the construction process, the Project Owner has requested the Contractor to clean up. Since the applied wastewater treatment technology does not use a conditioning tank, it is not necessary to mention the 3-hour retention time in the conditioning tank.
The air supply tank of this technology is to supplement CO2 with Oxygen for the synthesis and biodegradation process. The amount of oxygen required is the amount of BOD required for biological activity. It is different from and smaller than the old technology because the synthesis process is much smaller (by about 20%) than the old technology.
We do not use these processes of old technology: anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic, sedimentation, disinfection. The new biodegradation of organic substances to produce natural gas in the air follows the process of Biodegradation - Recombination - Biodegradation. It does not oxidize Ammonia, reduce Nitrate and Phosphate like the old method.
We used to utilize disc diffusers and aeration tubes. But according to research and experiment, it is not as effective as the perforated tubes. This is applied very successfully by the Japanese in their Jokaso products. We have inherited and successfully applied this technological solution.
Regarding the sewage sludge in the treated water, we do not use activated sludge, but use biological mass in the microorganism carriers, so there is no need to separate and filter. There is also no need to pump the excess sludge nor to store the excess sludge, because there is no residual sludge.
According to the patent No. 19328, the wastewater treatment system does not need a preliminary treatment system (septic tanks, grease separators) and does not need a conditioning tank (Excerpt from page 22 of the section “Effects of the invention”).
The aeration system is inherited from that of Japanese wastewater treatment equipment – JOKASO (JOHKASOU). We confirm that there will be no clogging in any condition because: Biological sludge in the water has size in nanometer (nm), so when the sludge flows into the aeration tube, the sludge will be pushed out easily by the air when the aeration tube is turned on. The aeration tube has the diameter of 2mm to 3mm.
Normally, the check valve at the base of the risers of the aeration system helps to prevent sludge from flowing into the aeration tube and can cause clogging, if the aeration tube is too narrow for biological sludge. However, in this technology, there is no need to use any check valve at the base of the risers of the aeration system because the biological sludge is sized in nanometer, while the aeration tube’s diameter is from 2mm to 3mm, so the sludge will be easily pushed out by the air when the air blower is turned on.
This wastewater treatment technology according to Patent No. 19328 produces less unpleasant odours during treatment operation than conventional technology. However, appreciating the project owners’ suggestions, We will install additional activated carbon to treat odours.