The manhole is a non-sedimentation manhole for wastewater drainage systems for high-rise buildings that utilize energy storage devices. The system does not need to slope, while it has no sedimentation, good ventilation, no unpleasant odours, no pollution to the surrounding environment, and can be easily inspected and flexibly operated. This type of manhole overcomes all the existing disadvantages, brings great economic efficiency, as well as scientific, technical and environmental significance.
In order to digest waste heterotrophic microorganisms at the source of waste, the heterotroph compartment is extended towards the waste source.  The on-site wastewater treatment system provides a long processing apparatus, in horizontal direction, called a biological channel A biological channel is an open channel with a mesh lid to filter waste and collect rain water.
Energy storage device: This device replaces the conventional sedimentation manhole and regulates the flow by using excess kinetic energy inside the drainpipe. Advantages: No need to have slopes.. No clogging, no sedimentation, good ventilation. No offensive odours Easy to install, inspect, operate, replace. Reduce investment costs and operating expenses. High durability. 

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