► The Comprehensive environmentally- friendly solution for drainage and wastewater treatment in urban and residential area is biotechnology based and follows the process: Biodegradation – Recombination - Biodegradation.

► The Comprehensive solution integrates interior collection & drainage system, exterior water transferring system and wastewater treatment, recycles wastewater for reuse safely.



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The main vertical pipe along a high-rise building uses a kinetic energy dissipator device in replacement of a pressure reducing system, and uses curved rods instead of Y connectors to transfer water from the horizontal axes into the vertical axis.
Owing to the application of the very special feature to the wastewater treatment system, the interior water collection system and drainage system can collect wastewater from all sources including: rainwater, kitchens, toilets, laundries, bathrooms, shower water …

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Exterior drainage system uses manholes with less sediment, energy storage devices, biological channels combined with traditional sewers. This system overcomes many weaknesses, for example, avoiding local floodings in case of heavy rain, being easier to detect clogged points and dredge the sewers when blocked, and converting kinetic energy by potential energy self-accumulated.

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A dictum has emphasized the importance of waste treatment, goes like: “A water collection and transferring system functions as a blood vessel network, and the processing system functions as the heart”.
In this decentralized treatment solution, wastewater from each and every source, discharge cluster, or discharge area is treated cleanly at the source origin, on the transferring lines of the network. Combining drainage and wastewater treatment based on biotechnology leads to the proactive control and pollution regulation.
Unique features of this biotechnology-based solution:
•    No offensive odours (such as those of chlorine and ozone)
•    No excess organic sludge generated
•    Allow treatment for wastewater and rainwater combinedly
•    Investment costs are very low, significantly reducing operating costs to only 5% of existing costs.
•    Reduce human labor in installation and operation process


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The comprehensive solution constitutes interior and exterior water drainage system, garbage filtering, waste treatment, henceforth helps to establish ecological balance and regulate humidity inside each part of any urban and residential area. The treatment system creates a direct infrastructure to reclaim wastewater under any circumstances, and decides completely on the reuse of urban and residential waste.
The comprehensive solution is considered as a revolution for urban infrastructure, residential areas and industrial activities. 



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